Yellow is a great color for spring. Let's look at how it's being used this year.

Two yellows are dominating the spring runway—Turmeric with an orange tint and Aspen Gold, which is a bright sunny color. We’ve also seen many paler, softer versions of Aspen gold.

Turmeric and Aspen Gold

The most obvious choice is to pair either color with a white or a soft beige, but there are many other, interesting options.

Yellow with Shades of Gold and Brown

Turmeric pairs well with navy and camel. Aspen gold looks sophisticated paired with shades of olive and gold. Here is Jill Milan's SoMa Bucket Bag in Gold Antique with a yellow skirt and an olive blouse.

Hill Milan bag complementing stripes

In this shoe, Stella McCartney shows how to pair shades of olive, yellow, and brown.

Stella McCartney shoe compatible with yellow

Yellow with Purples

Purple is at the opposite end of the color chart from yellow and shoes or handbags in this color can be used to create a stunning outfit.

Orchid and scarf

Other Combinations with Yellows

And finally, as you can see with these stunning combinations in the vintage Hermes scarf, you can use yellow in nearly endless combinations.

Hermes scarf