Ginger Burr's new book, "That's So You," provides a plethora of tips about finding an individualized style. In "That's So You," the reader benefits from Ms. Burr's 26-year career dressing real people.

Ms. Burr, a stylist who has been featured in magazines such as Worth, Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek, has coached women about personal style and image for 26 years through her company, Total Image Consultants. She begins by asking clients to use their own words to describe themselves, then assesses their current style relative to that self image. Are they wearing colors that are "too beige, black, or neutral"? Is the cut of their outfits unflattering? Are their clothes suitable for the person's age and self-image? She styles to help her clients and readers project their own best images.

That's So You

Ginger Burr (center) with clients.

"That's So You" offers many practical but overlooked tips. Ms. Burr suggests using mirrors that provide the right lighting, and to photograph yourself in different outfits to catalog various looks for future reference. She also tells her clients and readers to repeat the colors in their hair, skin and eyes for the best effect, and suggests certain colors that work well on almost everyone.

Ms. Burr also provides invaluable advice about what to wear for work, how to color block for a slimming effect and how to tailor clothes to a flattering effect. Most women would love having a personal stylist to craft a look which puts them in the best light possible. "That's So You" is the next best thing.

Ginger Burr's "That's So You" is available though Amazon. You can also find more about her workshops at