Ever have a job you didn’t enjoy? Sure, most of us have. Perhaps even to the point of active dislike. Then there are those who take on jobs with full knowledge they will face heavy workloads, often work with people who are difficult, and confront tasks that are so far beyond distasteful they are horrific. Even though they could certainly find something better, these people persevere. Willingly. Because the work matters. The people I refer to are the undercover investigators who take on the task of bearing witness to, and collecting evidence of, the atrocities animals face to deliver meat and dairy products. In slaughterhouses and elsewhere, every moment on the job these individuals risk personal safety – and possibly sanity – on behalf of the animals subjected to a depressing existence and ultimately a painful, dignity-deprived death. They do it so the rest of the world can know where some people’s food really comes from. And for the most part they work without recognition.

Two weeks ago, Mercy for Animals made sure those heroes got some recognition.


Mercy for Animals President Nathan Runkle

MFA President Nathan Runkle

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