Because our company is based in beautiful northern California, we are often asked about interesting things to see in San Francisco. Here are a few of our top picks.


The Huntington Hotel

The Huntington Hotel in Nob Hill has long been known as one of San Francisco’s most beautiful hotels. Recently it benefitted from a $15 million transformation and a name change to the Scarlet Huntington.

The 134-room hotel, named for Collis P. Huntington of the Big Four railroad tycoons of the Old West, has been redesigned by San Francisco design firm Forrest Perkins. The hotel retains many of its unique characteristics, such as the hand-carved door at the entrance of the hotel, its crystal chandelier and crown moldings. Yet the designers have brought touches of gold, black and red to the hotel, giving it a modern, fresh appearance.

Scarlet Huntington lobby
Scarlet Huntington guest room

The Scarlet Huntington's lobby (left) and one of the guest rooms.

(Photos: Hotels Design Magazine)


Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is situated directly across from the Huntington. With its stained glass windows, mosaics by De Rosen, labyrinths, the cathedral is a destination point for most visitors to the city.  The stained glass windows depict 1,100 historical figures.

Grace Cathedral Grace Cathedral interior

Grace Cathedral exterior (left) and interior.

Interior photo: Travis Person


Angel Island

Although sometimes overlooked by both natives and visitors alike, Angel Island is one of the most beautiful and historic places in the Bay Area. Directly across from the city itself, the island can be reached by a short ferry ride.

The island was first occupied by the Coastal Miwok but it was also a stop for Spanish settlers. From 1910 to 1940, it was a major immigration center.  Angel Island has also been a cattle ranch and a military base whose history dates back to the Civil War.

Beginning in 1954, the island began its transformation to the state park it is today. Angel Island retains many of its original buildings and visitors can take an open bus tour to learn the history of this fascinating place.

Aside from its historical interest, the island offers miles of hiking trails, spectacular beaches overlooking San Francisco, large picnic areas, and three cafes which offer many vegan options and live music during the summer months. More information about getting to the island is here.


San Francisco from Angel Island


A view of San Francisco from Angel Island.

East Garrison on Angel Island


The east garrison of Fort McDowell, whose purposes throughout the years included serving as a recruiting depot for soldiers in the western states and as a processing center for soldiers returning from World War II.

Angel Island from above


Angel Island from above.

At the immigration station


At the immigration station.


Millennium Restaurant

Millennium, situated in San Francisco’s Theater District, has been recognized with numerous awards for its vegan food. Its menu offers an incredible selection for vegan fine dining that is also certain to please carnivores. The restaurant lets diners choose from a five-course sampling menu, a seasonal menu, raw menu or a “Frugal Foodie Menu.” Millennium also offers a full selection of organic wines – here is its all-organic wine list.

Some of Millennium’s current menu selections include Creole, Indian and Mexican-influenced dishes. More information about Millennium can be found on its website.