Jake met L'Wren Scott when he cut her hair. "She had me come to her room for the cut," he said, referring to the 5-star hotel adjacent to the salon where he works. "I met Mick Jagger there." Jake, who was cutting my hair while telling this story, then felt the need to edit his claim: "Well, I didn't actually meet Mick Jagger. But he was in the room."

I have never met Mick Jagger either. Nor did I ever meet L'Wren Scott, and I figured the closest I would ever come to doing so was finding out we both had our hair cut by Jake (not his real name). I certainly knew her name and her clothes and her brand, but truth be told I have learned more about L'Wren Scott in the 48 hours since her death than I knew before. It strikes me, sadly, that most who heard Monday's news will likely remember Ms. Scott mostly for how her life ended than for what she accomplished during it. And there were many accomplishments.

I never knew her start in fashion came while in school, when she designed and made her own apparel out of necessity because of her unusual height. She started with clothes retrieved from thrift stores.

A photographer who saw her skiing urged a move to Paris to pursue modeling. After graduating she did just that, working with some of the world's best known photographers and appearing in campaigns for brands such as Calvin Klein and Chanel.

Later came a move to California and a career pivot to stylist. Ms. Scott worked on campaigns for fragrance and fashion brands, then styled actresses and designed costumes for Hollywood films. Next was a dive into a fashion company of her own. The signature Headmistress dress soon followed, and her collection was worn by a cadre of Hollywood's A-list actresses to the Oscars and elsewhere. Retail and fashion companies sought collaborations with her, and she created collections for leading brands.

From there, we are now told, her company's fortunes experienced a downturn, and accounts of Monday's events cite that downturn as explanation. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps at some point we will have better understanding of her choice. In any case, right now let's remember a tremendous talent who did so much before leaving too soon.