In the two-plus years since Jill Milan was launched we have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to animal welfare, including support of organizations such as Mercy for Animals, the Peninsula Humane Society and grassroots groups, and sponsorship of The Genesis Awards.

One of our favorite charities is Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, which was founded by USC economics professor Caroline Betts. This all-volunteer non-profit works tirelessly to rescue thoroughbreds who are at risk of going to slaughter. SCTR rescues horses at auction. Frequently these horses have been starved and abused, and many of them would be sent directly to slaughter in Mexico if not for Betts' intervention.

Once rescued, these thoroughbreds are permanently retired or retrained and sent to their new homes. Betts follows these horses throughout the remainder of their lives to ensure they never return to the slaughter pipeline. You can read more about this wonderful non-profit team, see the horses they have rescued and learn how you can help by visiting them online at

Jill Milan’s Contributions to Animal Welfare

Caroline Betts, the founder of Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, with one of the horses under SCTR’s care. Caroline developed an early interest in horse showing and racing. In 2007, upon becoming aware of the sad demise in Mexican slaughter plants of many southern California Thoroughbreds left at local auction lots, Caroline began attending and monitoring Thoroughbred consignments at local auctions, and began rescuing horses at auction. She founded SCTR in 2008.