Ashlee Piper, creator of the Little Foxes blog and vegan girl about town, shared her delicious recipe for a vegan cookie butter creme tart with us. In her own words:

"Ah, cookie butter, more formally known as Biscoff Spread. Is there anything more wonderful or more dangerous? Well, given that I nearly broke glasses and knocked over boxes in the pantry when I found, hiding behind some lentils, a jar with a little left inside, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a combination of both. I really wanted to create a pretty tart that captured the flavor of cookie butter but was light and whippy (so you could eat that much more of it). Enter this recipe. I crowned mine with beautiful holiday currants, but you could drizzle with chocolate for a more dramatic presentation. It’s a simple and beautiful recipe that will beautify your table and make your tummy happy."

Perfect for the winter months, this tart features cranberries, almonds and maple syrup, and it makes for a delicious cold-weather dessert. The recipe yields 2 full-size tarts or 6-7 individual tarts, requires 20 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes for cooking.

See the full recipe here. And we are available to help you test the result.

Ashlee Piper’s Cookie Butter Creme Tart – It’s Vegan

Ashlee Piper's Vegan Tart features cranberries, almonds and maple syrup. (Photo: The Little Foxes)